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California Governor Brown wants to 'frack up' his state and the climate

California is the latest and biggest battleground on fracking. For better and for worse, environmental policy in our most populous state often has national implications, according to Ross Hammond of Friends of the Earth (FOE).

The only safe way forward for California is to halt this inherently dangerous process.
Friends of the Earth

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If fracking and other extreme extraction techniques are allowed to proceed in California, it’s possible that the oil industry will use that as an excuse to argue against efforts to stop these dangerous practices in other states. That's why it’s so important that people around the country speak up and let CA Governor Brown know that climate leaders don’t frack.

Last year was the driest year in California’s recorded history. But no one would know it from political leaders in Sacramento. Governor Jerry Brown’s oil and gas officials recently released their weak draft fracking regulations, which take a narrow, oil industry-friendly approach, leaving California’s dwindling water supplies exposed to fracking pollution.

There are no regulations that can make fracking safe. No matter how it's regulated, fracking contaminates our water sources, produces toxic air pollution, creates dangerous wastewater, industrializes communities, and accelerates climate change by allowing the fossil fuel industry to burn and extract otherwise inaccessible oil and gas. The only safe way forward for California is to halt this inherently dangerous process.

The state is accepting public comments on the regulations for just three more days, which gives Americans a crucial opportunity to demonstrate the depth and intensity of public opposition to fracking. Americans need to flood the state with tens of thousands of public comments condemning this dangerous proposal -- and, hopefully, pressuring Governor Brown to change course.

Governor Brown has called climate change "the world's greatest existential challenge," has repeatedly stated his commitment to reducing carbon pollution from fossil fuels, and has fought for renewable energy. But he can't have it both ways: no real climate leader would frack up California. Fossil fuel companies already have access to reserves of oil, gas and coal far greater than what can be burned without hurtling over the climate cliff. There's just no excuse to extract even more oil through fracking.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Governor Brown: Scrap your dangerous fracking regulations and ban fracking now! Click here to submit a public comment.


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