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California Eggs - Edible, Tasty and Safe

Eat 'em.
Eat 'em.
Mona Holmes-Nisker

When Californians do eggs, they do them right.

Not so much for Iowa eggs. Since last month’s egg recall, USA Today reported that USDA inspectors visited the affected farms for at least 40 hours per week, for many months prior to the outbreak.

In the midst of this, many were surprised to find Governor Schwarzenegger on camera, happily eating deviled eggs from California. It’s publicity of course, but it may make you feel a bit more confident about buying local eggs.

Why are they safer? Back in the mid-90s, California adopted some rigorous egg safety procedures in the nation, and it’s kept the state free of salmonella outbreaks for over ten years, according to the California Egg Quality Assurance Program.

All safety aside, here are a few more reasons why you should eat eggs. One egg has essential nutrients, including iron and zinc for only 70 calories. They can be a good ingredient to managing your health. Professional trainers recommend eggs one hour before workouts for essential protein. Egg whites can make the perfect addition to certain recipes, lessening cholesterol while still making a delicious omelet. Try free range/organic eggs, the taste is better and the livestock conditions are more sanitary.

The entire week will be devoted to recipes with the magical, delicious egg. If you’re worried about cholesterol, you’ll find delicious and healthy options too.


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