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California earthquake damage: could be over $1 billion

Most of the world saw stories on their news channels about the earthquake that took place in Napa Valley, California. Now that earthquake has been assessed at having caused around $1bn in damage.

Napa Valley, earthquake, 6.0, California, wine country
Napa Valley, earthquake, 6.0, California, wine country
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
California earthquake damage: could be over $1 billion
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"It woke me up when it happened and I felt the room moving. Vases fell off the shelf," says San Francisco resident, Tom Haglan.

There have, fortunately, been no deaths reported, but over 100 people were injured, says local news station, KTVU Channel 2 News.

In addition to the injuries, over 100,000 people remain without power; broken glass is strewn around the Napa Valley wine country; and reports are that 100 people have been injured. Bottles and barrels of wine were ruined because of the earthquake, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

"Wineries say the quake will cause serious losses, but the harvest now underway shouldn't be affected. The US Geological Survey believes total damage could be more than $1 billion," says KTVU News.

And in more news:

The San Francisco Chronicle says that already 100 homes have been red-tagged which means their owners cannot return to them (and that's with only a third of the area having been inspected so far).

Aftershocks were expected, but nobody thought there would be 50 of them, says the Los Angeles Times

Three of the injured are now in critical condition, with one of them being a 13-year-old boy who was injured by debris when it fell from a toppled chimney, says the AP.

Another 172 people were treated for their injuries in the Queen of the Valley Medical Center, in Napa Valley. They may not all have been there for earthquake-related injuries, however, says

"Truly small" is how a US Geological survey describes the shaker. One official goes on to say: "We owe wine country in part to [the] earthquakes that created the terrain. We all want to enjoy the fruits of the quakes, so we all have to prepare for the downside, too."


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