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California drought: Governor urges water saving as California drought worsens

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California drought concerns have become pretty bad for the state. Governor Jerry Brown, reacting to the latest California drought, has urged people to conserve water in the state in an effort to not use up reserves. According to a report from Thursday (Jan. 30), communities are in serious risk of running dry.

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Experts are calling this the worst that it has been in nearly four decades, with places like Folsom Lake down to just 17 percent of its full capacity. That has led to a lot of open land in the area and also quite a few fans of "mudding" getting their trucks stuck. The governor had some bad news for many residents, as he stated that bans on fishing and mandatory rationing in some communities was going to take place.

The governor also urged residents to, "avoid flushing their toilets unnecessarily and recommended turning off the water while soaping up in the shower or shaving." Those aren't easy tasks for people that are used to keeping the water running in a shower. He added, "Every day this drought goes on, we're going to tighten the screws on what people are doing. Right now, it's voluntary."

Many scientists are claiming that they have never seen anything like this before in the state and that there are at least 17 communities that are going to now have to import water supplies from other parts of the state. The White House is also involved, pledging its support for the worst California drought that many people have ever seen.

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