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California dog who bit child in the face will be spared

Robert Steven Kahn
Booking photo

A dog who bit a child in the face at a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Murrietta, Calif., will be spared, but his owner has been arrested, reported Thursday's publication of the Press-Enterprise.

The dog, a three-year-old Akita named "Chester," has been taken in by a breed specific rescue agency and his life was spared after officials determined that his owner, 62-year-old Robert Steven Kahn, was "irresponsible."

Monqunec Middleton, the animal control supervisor with Animal Friends of the Valleys spoke of why the dog was not destroyed, stating:

He (Chester) deserves to be in the right hands,

In late December, Chester was approached by a three-year-old child who tried to pet him; the dog attacked the toddler who was severely wounded and needed dozens of stitches to repair the damage.

After the attack, Kahn fled from the store with his dog, leaving the injured child behind.

Surveillance images helped lead police to the man who was arrested on Jan. 2 on suspicion of criminal negligence.

An investigation into the situation revealed that the toddler injured at Lowes was not Chester's first young victim; the dog had bitten other children on prior occasions.

Chester will be evaluated by the rescue agency to see if he is suitable for adoption - if he is, he will not be placed in a home where he has any interaction with children.

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