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California dentist delivers picture perfect smiles every time

Dr. Nasiry of LA Dental
Dr. Nasiry

In a recent news article it was mentioned that California might be running out of dentists. For some of us, especially in rural communities, this might not be a good thing. Fortunately for the rest of us California still leads the way with the highest number of dentists per capita, and the highest number of dentists skilled in cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the nation.

Thanks to the high desire to achieve a camera-ready Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry has peaked alongside cosmetic surgery. Picture perfect dazzling pearly white teeth are much in demand and dentists are stepping up with new techniques and technologies to meet the requests of their patients.

“California is the epi-center for all things new in natural beauty,” said Dr. Arezoo Nasiry who specializes in dental esthetics and restoration at LA Dental in Los Angeles, California.

“There are now so many options available for patients to improve their smile whether it is a simple change such as tooth straightening or whitening, or a much more complex procedure such as a dental implant or cosmetic veneers,” continued Dr. Nasiry.

Improvements in dentistry and education in oral health worldwide has helped reduce tooth decay and premature tooth loss. With more people understanding the need to take care of their teeth at an early age, and with over half a million dentists in practice in the US alone, dentistry is big business.

“With everything from home tooth whitening kits and oral irrigation systems such as the Water Pik, to advanced lasers for both hard and soft tissue, dentistry is at the top of the list when it comes to health and beauty,” said Dr. Nasiry. “At my practice we see a variety of younger and older patients, therefore, it is important for me to be able to offer procedures suitable for all age groups.”

According to Dr. Nasiry, one of the biggest and best advances in dentistry at her practice is the ability to quickly create a more harmonious smile for a patient using dental veneers, invisible braces and bonding.

Age often shows itself in the teeth even before wrinkles appear, and the result might be obvious in a person’s smile. Discolored, yellowish or slightly brownish spots on the teeth are often the first sign of aging and Dr. Nasiry can easily restore teeth to a gleaming white shine with a simple scaling and bleaching procedure. Normally these procedures require a single visit, but depending on the severity of discoloration, there might be a need for a revisit. The addition of invisible braces and gentle bonding techniques can quickly restore a smile and create a more youthful looking appearance.

If a brand new smile or an upgrade to your existing one is on your shopping list, Dr. Nasiry offers these 5 quick tips to help find the right dentist for you.

1. Do your research. While there are many dentists in the US, be certain that the dentist is an expert at the treatment necessary for you.
2. Is the dentist a member of the AAD (American Academy of Dentistry), or the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). There are two important membership organizations in dentistry.
3. Ask to see pictures of work the dentist has performed on other patients and, if possible, ask to speak or meet with the patients directly.
4. If you have friends with great looking teeth, ask who they went to. While their dentist might not be the right one for you, it might help lead you in the right direction.
5. Make sure that the dentist you select is on the same page as to your desired outcome. Also, make sure that you have been shown all the costs involved before undergoing treatment. You don’t want any last minute surprises.


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