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California – Current Job Openings That Pay Well

jobs in california
jobs in california

California has a very strong economy that is finally coming back to full strength. With thousands of people moving to the state each year, there is always a concern of which career to choose. Thankfully, there is a full list of the latest job openings that dictate just what fields are going to be the most promising for a long lasting career. Let’s take a look at what the top options currently are.

Occupational Therapist

Pediatric and adult occupational therapists will ensure that any injuries or disabilities do not hinder a person’s lifestyle. These therapists may be seen in private facilities or local hospitals where they help a person relearn how to use their hands, teach injured people how to cook or even help a spinal cord injury person learn how to dress themselves again. These therapists are high in demand and there are also travel options for those that want to pursue a life as a traveling therapist going from one locale to the next.

Sales Assistant

Retail is a booming industry in California and there is no shortage of job opportunities for anyone in this field. Whether a person wants to be a sales assistant in Los Angeles or San Diego, there will be numerous job openings available. These assistants can move up in the ranks and demand more depending on where they work. Health care and government offices will utilize the assistant’s expertise to purchase new products.

IT Support

California is booming with technology-related jobs. Anyone wanting to enter into the technology field will find that support is a huge industry. Ensuring networks are running and call center support is handled are the typical duties this field will handle. They are the first to be called when a problem arises, but they are not the final choice. When bigger problems arise, calls will be transferred to specialists.

Nutritional Assistant

Nutritional assistants will be able to quickly and easily help a person maintain weight, gain weight or find what is causing their digestive issues. These assistants will help with counseling a person so that they know exactly what a proper diet consists of or what can be done to alleviate current health issues.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness is a huge industry in California and one that is never void of job openings. Fitness trainers are able to help put together a proper exercise routine that will allow a person to build muscle and lose weight. These trainers can be general trainers, yoga instructors or Zumba coaches. Virtually all types of fitness are popular in the state.


Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the country. The brightest minds in technology will find that they are able to land a job with some of the biggest names in the technical world. Google, Reedit, Yahoo and Facebook are all located in California. There are also hundreds of other big names that call California home. Those that are technology-minded will find that California is the perfect fit for them.

While these are some of the hottest careers in the state, there are thousands more offering great pay and benefits. Sites, such as, will allow you to search for a job that meets your skillset.

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