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California couple stumbles across pot of gold

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A middle-aged couple in California's gold country found the end of the rainbow in their own backyard. They lived on the same rural property for several years and were walking a familiar path with their dog last spring when they came across a rusty can sticking out of the ground. What they found was someone's secret treasure stash from before the days of FDIC insured banks. Gradual erosion over the years had finally revealed the underground piggy-bank.

What they found was about $27,000 in mint condition gold coins dating from 1847 to 1894. Because of the collector value of such a rare find, the total worth of the treasure is valued at $10 million. After being shown at the American Numismatic Association's National Money Show, which opens Thursday in Atlanta, the coins will be sold on Amazon with the exception of a few the couple wishes to keep as souvenirs.

The finders wish to remain anonymous to avoid a swarm of treasure hunters wandering their property with metal detectors and shovels, but are being represented by veteran numismatist Don Kagin. According to Kagin the couple plans to use the money to pay off bills while donating quietly to local charities.

"Their concern was this would change the way everyone else would look at them, and they're pretty happy with the lifestyle they have today," Kagin said.

Keep an eye on Amazon in the coming months if you wish to buy a part of history. It's being called the Saddle Ridge Hoard and the coins associated are being labeled as such.



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