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California couple gold: $10M in gold actually stolen from US Mint?

A California couple who found gold coins while on a hike may not be rich after all. On March 4, ABC News reported that the $10M in gold coins found appear to be stolen from the US Mint in 1900 which means they belong to the government. This means that the couple who thought that their lives were forever changed may not actually be so lucky.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the California couple and their incredible find which is just one reason why the couple decided to stay anonymous. Just a week ago these people must have thought that their find was too good to be true -- and alas that very well may be the case.

California couple's gold find seems to match up with the coins that went "missing" following the 1900 gold heist at the San Francisco Mint. Even still, the government isn't requesting the coins be returned just yet...

"We do not have any information linking the Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to any thefts at any United States Mint facility. Surviving agency records from the San Francisco Mint have been retired to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), under Record Group 104. Access to the records is under NARA’s jurisdiction:," said Mint spokesman Adam Stump.

So now, the California couple must wait to see if their gold coins will make them rich... or make them just a part of history (which in usual cases would be pretty cool even still).

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