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California college grads under 30 working as waiters

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"The job market for fresh California college grads can still be brutal." Reports the Sacramento Bee. In a recent article, the Bee reports on census findings that shows while most recent college grads land a gig in their respective field as much as 25% of those grads wind up working in food service, clerical, sales and professional services industries.

This trend started and gained momentum during the economic contraction of 2007 and 2008 where it is seen clearly that there is a sharp rise in college graduates working as waiters and waitresses.

According to the Bee, about "14,000 young college graduates held jobs as waiters and waitresses in 2012, almost triple the number that worked as waiters and waitresses in 2000."

What the Sacramento Bee didn't report on is the actual real opportunity that exists in the service and sales industry. There are waiters and waitresses out there that make well over $50,000 a year. Working in the right establishment with either the right menu or traffic flow (or both) can create an income that their degree would never provide.

The same goes for sales and selling. shows the average Automotive Sales Professional in California averages $50,000 as well. Add to that the fact that there are automotive sales people right now who made more than their managers last year. One can also see a fair amount of car sales people in the six figure bracket.

Many people have leveraged the service and sales industry into remarkable careers and created a massive level of success and prosperity. Grant Cardone for example, has a degree in accounting. However, after leaving college realized that there was a greater opportunity for him in sales. Cardone has a real estate portfolio on target to hit a billion dollars, is CEO of 3 companies and his 3rd book, If You're Not First You're Last is a NY Times Best Seller.

So for the college grad who's waiting tables right now or working some other perceived "dead end job", just know that this also could be the biggest opportunity of one's life. It will come down to how the individual decides to see it.



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