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California boy photographs a ghost on his iPhone outside of downtown LA hotel

A young boy captures a mysterious figure with his iPhone outside of the Cecil Hotel
A young boy captures a mysterious figure with his iPhone outside of the Cecil Hotel
Koston Alderate

A young boy in California recently snapped a photo of a mysterious figure hanging from a hotel window in downtown Los Angeles. Some people believe the figure is one of the hotel's ghosts, reported today.

Koston Alderate was outside of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, with his father Ernie when he snapped an eerie photo with his iPhone 5. In the photo, a mysterious figure seems to be hanging outside of one of the hotel's forth-floor windows.

"We were at a complete stop in our truck with windows rolled down. We had just came from LACMA that day and his phone lens was clean on the phone as he was taking pix all day," Alderate's dad Ernie said.

Many people think that the figure in the photo is one of the hotel's ghosts. Some people think it is the ghost of Elisa Lam whose body was found on the building's rooftop last year.

Elisa Lam of Vancouver, British Columbia was reported missing on January 31. The 21-year-old's decomposing body was later found February 19, inside of a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel. A maintenance worker found the body after responding to complaints about the hotel's water pressure. Some hotel guests complained about the water having an odd smell. Officials are baffled as to what happened to the young woman.

Built in 1927 and located on LA's skid row, the 600-room Cecil Hotel was once popular with celebrities. Two serial killers, Jack Unterweger and Richard Ramirez, were once guests in the hotel. There also has been many suicides and strange disappearances in the hotel's history.

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