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California bill would require baby changing stations in men's restrooms

California bill would add diaper changing stations to restrooms for men
California bill would add diaper changing stations to restrooms for men
Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner

Not not all areas in the United States have family restrooms that can be used by men or women with a baby in tow. Two bills in California may change things for that state soon.

The bills that could change things in California address the issue that public restrooms provided for men do not necessarily have a diaper changing station. However, most public restrooms throughout the United States do have diaper changing stations in public restrooms for women.

Many readers may also be familiar with what is referred to as family restrooms. Most stores have these smaller bathrooms that can be used by men or women and have space for someone to change a child when needed.

Perhaps if California makes the move to require a diaper changing table or station be available in every business that falls under the guidelines, more states will follow.

The bills in California are known as Senate Bill 1358 and Senate Bill 1350 and would have baby changing stations available for men and women to be able to change a child. These bills have passed the Senate according to details shared by Fox News.

While some critics claim this is an expense some businesses can't handle, Senator Richardo Lara, a sponsor of the bill, stated that this was a "common sense approach" to fix the problem of men not having diaper changing stations available when they are caring for their children in a public place.

There are certainly those who disagree with the idea of a bill to require any business to have the expense of adding an extra restroom so that there is a place where a diaper changing station will be available. Even more may agree something has to be done and at times making some things a requirement might be the only way it will happen.

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