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California Baby diaper area wash

Raising a baby in Hawaii is wonderful, but it is definitely hot!  Heat rash and other sensitive skin issues often arise.  A great way to combat baby skin irritations is with California Baby Calming and Non-Burning Diaper Area Wash (from $12 and up).  Replace commercial wipes with this solution and watch your baby's skin improve; we have had no problems with diaper rash of any kind since we started using this product.

The formula is made with organic ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals, so it is incredibly gentle on baby's skin.  Natural anti-fungal and soothing properties help heal a variety of rashes.  The antiseptic properties of the spray make this an excellent double-duty boo-boo spray for a first aid kit, and a quick spritz will help clean off sticky tables at restaurants.

Cloth diapering parents should note that this is a great convenient alternative when using cloth wipes.  The solution can be diluted to use as a cloth wipe spray and is available in bulk sizes for additional savings.  Moms and dads can also use it as a refreshing skin toner (or on any heat rashes they might get--it's hot here for grownups, too).

California Baby Calming and Non-Burning Diaper Area Wash is available in small sizes locally at Target.

*No compensation was received from the manufacturer for this article.  Questions?  Email me at deannaniles [at] gmail [dot] com.*


  • Danielle, Honolulu Stay-at-Home Mom Examiner 4 years ago

    This sounds great! My baby has sensitive skin and with the heat/humidity here, he seems to get diaper rashes a lot. I will definitely have to check this out (and I am sure I'll love it - we always use the California Baby Sunscreen, it's such a great brand!)