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Calif. teen hero saves disabled man and his dog from apartment fire

Young teen saves elderly man and his dog; 14-year-old risked his own life to help.
Young teen saves elderly man and his dog; 14-year-old risked his own life to help.
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A Bay Area 14-year-old kid with a million dollar smile is a hero; the brave young man whose mother must be so proud of him, even though she most likely would have been yelling for him to "get over here," risked his own life to save a disabled man and his dog from an apartment fire reported the

On June 14, Latrell McCockran and his friend Isaiah Taylor were hanging around enjoying the first day of summer vacation at 1990 Grand Circle in Fairfield when Isaiah's mother called out that a fire had started. As mothers do, she ordered the teens to come home to ensure their safety.

According to kcra tvnews., Latrell grabbed a fire extinguisher, but when he arrived, the fire was much more than he expected.

Latrell, who happens to be one really smart kid who paid attention in Science class, and knew the basics of fire and the dangers of gases and smoke inhalation, couldn't just stand by as he witnessed a disabled man trying to get out of the apartment. Latrell, ran into the house and crawled underneath the smoke to rescue 62-year-old Richard Smith.

Smith called out to the youngster again though, and said his dog was still in the burning house. By this time the flames had shot up, and Latrell and his dad went back in the house:

"I went back where the dog was – back into the room where the furniture was; I opened the door and the dog came out."

The teen even went back a third time to make sure everyone was out. He was treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries, but is expected to be fine.

You're one fine teenager Latrell; the world just needs more kids like you.

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