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Calif. drought much worse than expected

Food prices are expected to skyrocket due in part to the California drought.
Food prices are expected to skyrocket due in part to the California drought.
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The Examiner previously reported that one of the primary causes of the severe drought in the California central valley is the action by progressive/collectivist politicians in cutting off the water flow to the valley from stored water reservoirs in the north and in the Delta.

Environmentalists who have heavy influence over California's politicians say that an endangered fish, the Delta smelt, will be eradicated into extinction if the water is released into the valley. Thus, the politicians in the Calif. state legislature and in Washington cut off the flow of water into the valley where farmers grow a large portion of the nation's food supply.

The water shortage, therefore, is human-induced, and the environmentalists and politicians are squarely to blame.

However, an expert in the field, Patrick Ruckert, contacted the Examiner to explain that the causes of the drought go much deeper than reported and that the drought itself is much worse than expected.

Ruckert agrees with part of the assessment of the Examiner in the first report issued. He states,

I read your article, "Hiding the truth about the California drought," and thought I would correct a few things. First, your attacks on the environmentalists are fair and correct as far as you go. As one California farm journalist put it a couple of weeks ago, they don't give a damn about the general welfare. I would go further: While most are just stupid, including most political leaders, the intent of those who created the movement is depopulation. They hate human beings.

This has been common knowledge for years among those who keep a watchful eye on the environmentalist movement. For example, why would a group of people put their lives in danger by seeking to "save the whales" while at the same time supporting abortion on demand and euthanasia?

When it comes down to either saving the life of a human being, or saving the life of an animal, the environmentalists will opt in favor of saving the animal and allowing the human to die every time.

But Ruckert takes issue with the argument in the Examiner's initial report that releasing water into the valley will alleviate the drought:

...the disaster in California cannot be relieved by merely releasing more water from the Delta. The problem is that the water to release does not exist. If the Delta pumps were to go full blast now, it would not provide enough water to the Central Valley to do more than alleviate the shortage.

Yet Ruckert does admit here that releasing water from the Delta will, in fact, alleviate the shortage, and this is precisely what the farmers of the central valley say they need. Unless something is done in the short term to provide water to the valley to alleviate the shortage, the availability of food at a reasonable price across the country will be severely impacted.

This action, of course, will not stop the drought itself. It will alleviate the shortage so that farmers can continue to grow the food that feeds most of America. That part is crucial.

But Ruckert says that even that will not be enough to sustain the water flow in the long term. The lack of rain will insure the continuation of the drought.

The one thing that Ruckert does not address, however, is the fact that most of California was a desert prior to human development and man-made water projects. It may be unrealistic and a tall order to expect rainfall in California to be sufficient enough to end the drought, ever.

But Ruckert does cite a program implemented during John F. Kennedy's term that addressed the lack of rainfall in an area that historically got very little:

...there is a solution as was put forth during the JFK administration. That is the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), to bring water down to the entire Southwest and Midwest from Alaska and northern Canada, with the greatest infrastructure project in human history. After JFK was assassinated, over the next years NAWAPA died too.

In other words, Lyndon Baines Johnson allowed the program to die.

Ruckert says that a restart of a program like NAWAPA is essential in order to save California from totally drying up as a major supplier of food. But he proposes yet another program that will do even more to insure California's future, a program that will work in tandem with NAWAPA.

Ruckert says that he has proposed that nuclear powered desalination plants be built along the California coast and in the central valley. These plants are designed specifically to purify waste water.

The proposal sounds plausible. But the problem is that as things stand now, the very same environmentalists and politicians who have made sure California has built no new oil refineries and has steadfastly opposed nuclear power due to "environmental concerns" will also block any effort to build waste water purification plants that are powered by nuclear energy.

That alone is the biggest hurdle that stands in the way of California's progress.


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