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Calgary-Signal Hill's Gain is No One's Loss

Because that's what Canadians are paying him for, right?
Because that's what Canadians are paying him for, right?

When the results came in a shockwave rippled throughout Canadian politics: Calgary West (the riding soon to become Calgary-Signal Hill) MP Rob Anders has lost his nomination. In 2015, his name will not be on the ballot there.

There, in the place that was once his, former Alberta cabinet Minister Ron Liepert's name will be. It's an improvement dozens -- if not hundreds or even thousands -- of times over.

Then again, it would be difficult not to be an improvement over Anders.

His legislative record is razor-thin. (Although his Bill C-570, which would introduce mandatory minimum sentences for rape reminded us that even stopped clocks are right as often as twice a day.) Frequently he embarrassed his constituents, Calgarians, Albertans, and all Canadians.

His pronouncement that former South African President Nelson Mandela -- who emerged from decades as a political prisoner to embrace peace, not terror -- comes immediately to mind.

Meanwhile, Liepert has a strong record as a lawmaker, and as a politican. He even had the good sense to bail on former Premier Alison Redford before she set the Progressive Conservative dynasty on a collision course with disaster.

Calgary-Signal Hill has gained considerably. That gain could still be another riding's loss if the party somehow decides to parachute him into another riding. Hopefully that will not be the case, and Calgary-Signal Hill's gain will be no one's loss -- save Rob Anders'.

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