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Caleb Reynolds racist? 'Big Brother 16' welcomes controversial house guest

Caleb Reynolds has already sparked controversy this season with rantings on his Instagram page.
Caleb Reynolds has already sparked controversy this season with rantings on his Instagram page.
Caleb Reynolds (insain_physique)/Instagram

It looks like "Big Brother 16" will be following in the controversial foot steps of last season. News is spreading that new house guest Caleb Reynolds may have a history of posting questionable content on his social media accounts. A Thursday report by Reality Tea proves Caleb Reynolds to be ultra conservative in the least. Is Reynolds a homophobic racist or is he just repeating sound bytes from other ultra conservatives?

Minus the controversy, Caleb may have done well stealing "Big Brother" fans' hearts as the good looking, good ol' boy with the nice face and friendly demeanor. Reynolds is good looking and probably the most fit house guest to walk through the door this season. Now fans wonder if he will keep his mouth shut or if he will continue speaking up about things that may ultimately lose him fan support and might even ostracize Caleb from the rest of the group.

In Caleb's Instagram rant about President Obama he said, “YEAH FOR OBAMA HE GETS TO SHRED THIS COUNTRY APART FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS ONLY GOD CAN HELP US NOW!!!" Then while arguing on another post within the same account, Caleb wrote:

You believe in murder? You agree with f*gs? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering a innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed.[sic]

Now in Caleb's defense, his family says that these postings are two years old. It's unclear how that is a defense but they go on to explain that Caleb Reynolds wrote the offensive posts soon after returning from a tour overseas. His brother goes on to say that his brother can't possibly be racist because he served in the military alongside black men and women. In reality, that proves nothing. There are plenty of racists in the military.

Last season there was another very controversial house guest with Aaryn Gries. She didn't have controversial social media accounts but did say some very insulting things while in the "Big Brother" house. She upset her fellow house guests very much but it was nothing compared to the outrage of reality TV fans. The press about Aaryn Gries' racist comments got so bad that her mother hired a publicist while she was still competing in side the house.

Now with Caleb Reynolds joining the very next season, fans are left to wonder if "Big Brother" is cashing in on the idea that even bad press is still press. This year, CBS might get a whole lot more press based on some early findings about Caleb Reynolds' internet adventures. Many wonder why casting for "Big Brother 16" didn't do a little more homework on their house guests to make sure they don't create anymore PR nightmares this season.

It took web surfers no time at all to unveil Caleb Reyolds' racist and homophobic social media rants. So why was this information not found during the "Big Brother" casting process? Or did they know all about it all along?

What do you think of the "Big Brother 16" controversy surrounding Caleb Reynolds? Was his social media history overlooked or is he a catalyst to improve ratings like Aaryn Gries did last year? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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