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Caleb Caudle paints a mighty fine picture about life

Caleb Caudle - Paint Another Layer On My Heart
Caleb Caudle - Paint Another Layer On My Heart
Caleb Caudle

Singer/songwriter Caleb Caudle’s passion is his music and he pours everything he has into his passion. Relentless touring and two brilliant albums in less than a two year period leaves little time for much else which brings us to his latest record Paint Another Layer On My Heart. The ten songs are full of longing and doubt as he sings about life as a musician. Lonely nights, missed loved ones, failed relationships no place to call home is life on the road with the glamour and glitz being few and far between. This record is about his lyrical abilities with the music playing second fiddle to Caudle’s words.

The opening song, "How'd You Learn", sets the pace for the rest of the album. Caudle sings of being out on the road and the longer he is away the more he misses home and the people he loves while questioning how they handle it. “Another Night” has him wondering if the path he has chosen is worth it and justifying the choice with the inability to live within the walls of a normal life at home. The road is long and lonely but it is what makes him tick. Longing for a special someone he sings of giving up everything for her on “Trade All the Lights” and adding Lydia Loveless on vocals is a nice touch. One of the best songs on the record is the somber “Drag”. Some of his best writing finds its way onto this track as he warns people to stay clear of his vagabond road weary life.

Paint Another Layer On My Heart will not overpower you on first listen, it takes time to absorb all of its intricacies. With each spin Caudle’s words bore deeper into your soul as he opens up about life on the road. His choice of words paints a vivid picture of a man that is conflicted between his passion, music, and the people in his life. After listening to this record I can confidently say that Mr. Caudle needs to be added to the list of great young songwriters that keep popping up over the last few years.