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Caleb Bankston dies: New details regarding 'Survivor' contestant's death emerge

New details are now available regarding the shocking and devastating death of “Survivor” player Caleb Bankston. As “Blood vs. Water” fans will remember, Caleb played alongside his boyfriend Colton Cumbie in the season 27 offering. TMZ shared the latest details on Bankston's death on Wednesday.

Caleb Bankston died after a work accident Tuesday
Screencap via ENTV video

Caleb Bankston died after a work accident on Tuesday. The “Survivor” star apparently was crushed between two railroad cars. He had started working as a locomotive engineer/conductor for Alabama Warrior Railroad last October. Reports indicate that he was checking on something between two of the railroad cars when the train derailed.

Authorities indicate that the rear railroad car smashed into the forward car and Caleb was trapped between them. At this point it is not known what caused the train to derail. It seems there was one other worker on the train when it derailed, and that person was uninjured.

“Survivor” fans adored Bankston, even though his partner Colton was always a controversial figure in his two seasons with the show. In the “Blood vs. Water” season Cumbie decided to quit, and Bankston went out in ninth place. He is widely remembered for his bold move in calling out Brad Culpepper at Tribal Council just before voting him out.

CNN reports that the company has issued a statement after the Birmingham accident noting that their prayers are with the Bankston family. Colton and Caleb were planning an October wedding, and naturally Cumbie is said to be devastated by the sudden passing of his fiance. Many fellow “Survivor” players have gone to social media to mourn the loss of Caleb, a man adored by seemingly everybody who met him.

An investigation is taking place regarding the railroad accident, and the railway is currently under a “safety stand down." It is a sad day in the world of “Survivor,” as this is the first contestant in 28 seasons who has died unexpectedly. Both Jenn Lyon, from “Survivor: Palau,” and BB Andersen, from season 1, passed away of cancer. “Survivor” fans send their condolences to Colton Cumbie and all of the “Blood vs. Water” star's family and friends in the wake of the heartbreaking news that Caleb Bankston died in the accident.

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