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Caldrea Aromatherapy Homekeeping: Review

Caldrea Aromatherapy Homekeeping
Caldrea Aromatherapy Homekeeping

Caldrea is a Minnesota-based aromatherapeutic living company which strives to produce housekeeping and body care products which are beautiful and therefore enhance our daily lives. Caldrea never uses parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine bleach, phosphates or petroleum distillates. Preservatives are sparingly used, with an end goal of optimum freshness, safety and utility. Finally, all products are biodegradable and produced at a cosmetic grade standard (cGMP) facility.

Caldrea is also Leaping Bunny certified.

We create incredible, effective formulas that are addictively pleasurable to use and are crafted to be safe for you, your home and the earth.

Up for review are the following;

No 17 Sport Wash: Lavage Sport

The purpose of this cleanser is to be able to de-odorify your delicate sports wear. Spandex, for example. However, we do not own such a thing. Hence, we tried the wash out on a small batch of panty hose and the batch was left without a soapy residue and clean. We were pleased with this as it can take years (using other delicates cleansers) to rinse the soap out of such fabrics. It smells incredible too. This 16-ounce bottle retails for $10.00 and can be purchased here.

No 21 Dish Soap

It is very difficult to find a product, with a rose aroma to be something which one would want to smell on purpose. However,Caldrea has done just that. We tested the soap on a bowl full of filthy coins. The coins have been sitting at the bottom of the catch-all in my truck for many years now. They are green and have a lot of interspersed hairs. Yech!

So, we tested the dish soap and found that with a bit of scrubbing, we could de-grunge the chump change enough to be able to hold them in our hand without totally grossing out. Granted, scrubbing coins is not a listed purpose. We just wanted to see how it would do and we are pleased. It smells great and works too. This 16-ounce bottle retails for $9.00 and can be purchased on the Caldrea web site.

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