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Calculate your travel cost with this budget-friendly site

Budgeting for your travels is made easier with sites like
Budgeting for your travels is made easier with sites like

Looking for adventure on a budget, but not sure yet what your budget looks like?

Check out Budget Your Trip to help you start planning your adventure.
This site’s motto: “We can’t give you more money, but we can show you where it went.”

This site profiles 58 countries (with more soon added) with anywhere from one to seven cities per country to choose from (except for the US, which profiles 38 cities).
Select your city and country, and the site calculates the daily average cost per person, converted into the currency of your choice. Included is a rough budget estimate including the usual costs like “accommodations,” “food,” and “souvenirs,” and less-usual factors such as “scams, robberies, and mishaps.”

While the cost-per-day for your upcoming trip may or may not appear high depending on what you’re looking for, it’s always good to get some kind of cost estimate to plan and modify your trip.

Another great feature to the site is its Travel Tips section, which offers travel tips in various countries and cities, submitted by people who’ve traveled there - such as first-hand advice about the best way to find the cheapest hotel in Marrakech.

Note: while not every city you’re looking for may be profiled yet, the site is relatively new and growing, so keep checking back for more city additions.

Travel on any budget is possible with just a little planning, and this site will help you get there - so get planning!


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