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Calcium channel blockers linked to breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness

The adverse effects of some statins, proves fatal for breast cancer patients left untreated. The onset of breast cancer most often seen in tumor formation, and mutation of genetic coding factors, has been a mystery for many doctors and scientists. The most recent drug studies indicate a change in bio-material from chest exam patients taking blood pressure medicine, cholesterol lowering drugs, and calcium channel blockers.

Calcium channel blockers, originally intended for fighting blood vessel wall constriction, are now the antagonist for harm. The final call in reaping the rewards of old-age, heart health, is being metastasized as cancer. The predilection for anti-cancer drug therapy may be a turn around towards avoidance of a combination of certain medications. The current treatment of breast cancer, while improving it's course in good-cell rebound, is proving that the ultimate precursor of genetics may only play a lesser role in prevalence of the on-set.

Challenging heart disease therapeutics, is now the thwarting question of what to leave alone when it comes to treatment. Get it right, proof of the problem, is it really in the pudding? There is a manifesto of problem-solvers in curing cancer, could it be that you only need to turn back the clock a little?