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'Cake Boss' scores a goal by 'Icing the Cake' on TLC

Tonight's episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Icing the Cake." As the episode begins, Buddy is in a hockey rink and meets with Canadian sportscaster James Duthie. He wants Buddy to make a cake for the NHL draft. Buddy and his crew got a chance to do a one-timer on the ice, where they pass you the puck, and you must shoot it in the goal in the one shot. James told Danny he looked like a young Wayne Gretzky; then he explained young as a year and a half, before he learned how to skate. He also asked Buddy to make a cake for his partner, a prankster named Darren Drager, also a Canadian sportscaster, who gets over on everyone all the time. He will take James’ phone and change the language to Russian and all kinds of things to drive his friends crazy. The day of the draft is also Darren’s birthday and James knows that Buddy is a big prankster and hopes he can help get over on Darren. Buddy is up for the challenge.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his mother Mary
Photo by John W. Ferguson

In the bakery, they are busy working on the hockey cake, and a woman comes to visit Buddy. Her name is Jill, and she wants Buddy to duplicate her parents’ wedding cake that her grandfather made. He was a master baker and from the pictures, on the same level as Buddy. She has detailed photos of the cake, ones with him making it too. He made designs called hanging sugar, that Buddy knows he can do, but it is so delicate; it must be made on-site where the cake will be displayed. She has been to several bakeries, and nobody will even consider doing it.

Mary, Buddy’s mother is back from Israel and looking well. She has had her first round of the stem-cell treatment. Her legs are more stable now, and she is determined to take as many treatments as necessary. This is experimental, and not available in the United States, so it may take more time to see if it works.

The hockey cake is coming along and looking like a goalie. The prank cake needs to be tested, so Matt, the newest worker in the shop, aka the Guinea pig, is given a cake to celebrate his good job; however, it is the prank cake, and it shoots whipped cream right in his face. At least they know it will work on Darren.

Because Buddy had to take the cake to the NHL draft, Mauro went to the venue for the 50th wedding cake. The couple were astounded by the detail work, and how much it resembled the original. They were brought to tears at the thoughtfulness of their daughter and having Mauro there was extra special.

As Buddy and the crew put the finishing touches on the goalie cake, it was tremendous. The attention to detail was overwhelming. When they were ready to bring it in, the lift gate on the truck was not working. So brute strength was needed, and thank goodness they had it, as they lifted the cake together.

When James introduced Buddy and the awesome cake, he brought in and everyone got to eat cake. Buddy was delighted to know that his mentor on the ice for the one-timers was chosen first in the draft. Congratulations, Nathan McKinnon, you will always have a friend in Buddy.

After the draft was completed, They brought the cake to wish Darren a happy birthday. When he got hit in the face, he was shocked and knew he got what he long deserved, and the two friends had a good laugh on this episode of "Cake Boss."

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