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'Cake Boss' and friends rescue at sea: Stranded in dense fog was no cakewalk

The 'Cake Boss' was rescued at sea when he got lost in the fog!
The 'Cake Boss' was rescued at sea when he got lost in the fog!
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The “Cake Boss” couldn’t bake his way out this harrowing situation, he needed to be rescued at sea. The reality TV star needed help from both the New York Fire Department and Police Department boats when he found himself in peril on board his 32-foot Boston Whaler this weekend. Buddy Valastro was lost in a fog that was thicker than pea soup with his wife, another couple and nine kids on board his boat in New York Harbor, according to The Gawker on July 13.

You couldn’t see 10-feet in front of you, said Buddy, and when a large vessel was within 30-feet of hitting their boat, this scared the reality TV star. He saw the ship, but he didn’t think that they saw his boat and Buddy took a sharp turn to get out of its path.

He admits that not only were his passengers scared, but he was too. That’s when he made a call for help and both the Big Apple’s firefighters and police department came out to tow the “Cake Boss” back in. He couldn’t be more thankful because he knew with this deep dark fog, it would have been impossible to navigate away from other boats, which were invisible until they were almost upon them.

According to the New York Post, it was the city’s services that rescued the “Cake Boss” and his party when they became lost in a fog. The group was coming back from Sandy Hook, New Jersey and headed home to New York Harbor. Buddy tweeted a thank-you to New York’s finest after the ordeal. This is the sixth year that Buddy has been captain of his own boat, so he was nowhere near a novice on the water. The situation was dangerous even for captains who make their living on the ocean.

Buddy and his family and friends were on their way back from going to dinner in Highlands, New Jersey when they he got lost in Ambrose Channel. Buddy’s rescuers had no idea who he was while hooking up to his boat and towing them to the safety of the docks.

Like he jokingly said, “I'm not the kind of guy to say, 'I'm the Cake Boss. The Cake Boss in distress. May Day." He went along like the average guy who got lost in the fog needing help. Once the rescuers located his boat, they towed it to Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City.

It was there that they figured out that they just towed in the world-famous “Cake Boss.” Buddy was so thankful to these guys and he couldn’t sing them enough praises for getting his family and friends to safety.

This lucky group of rescuers will soon have a thank-you cake coming to them. The “Cake Boss” is going to do what he does best, bake these folks a cake.

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