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'Cake Boss' meets up with 'Carlo’s Cowboys' on TLC

Last night's second episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Carlo’s Cowboys." As the episode begins, two cowboys come in to meet with Buddy. They are East Coast cowboys both named Chris; one is the president of the American Pro Rodeo Association wants a cake that will make a lasting impression. Buddy even suggests that some of his crew come to the rodeo to toughen them up. Buddy draws a sketch of a cowboy on a horse holding a lasso and wants a cake just like the sketch.

Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

A couple, Anne & Ben come to meet with Buddy to get a wedding cake. They were supposed to get married a year ago, but life got in the way. Now they plan to surprise their families and want a special cake for this day they will never forget. Her dress is ivory with white embellishments, and Buddy wants to emulate her dress.

As the crew starts to make the horse and cowboy come alive, Ralph likes the idea that a cartoonish spin is put on the faces and the cowboy will be spinning a lasso over his head.

As the bride and groom entered the party, the families were in shock, believing they were attending a party for his big promotion. Anne looked beautiful and her dress and cake were a perfect match, just like her and Ben. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

About an hour west of Hoboken, in Milford, Pa. is the Malibu Ranch. Here Buddy and the entire family attended the rodeo. Two brave souls, Anthony and Buddy’s brother-in-law Mauricio were the only two from the bakery who were fit enough to give bull riding a try. Anthony went first and lasted nearly eight seconds, and Mauricio lasted five seconds.

When they presented the cake, the entire crowd was astounded. It was everything the cowboys wanted and more. They cut the cake, and everyone enjoyed it. Then the family got to go horseback riding, and the cowboys enjoyed the fact that the family members were true city folk, especially when they had to walk through lots of poop on the way to the horse stalls on this episode of "Cake Boss."

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