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'Cake Boss' makes a low rider cake 'Pimp My Cake' on TLC

Tonight's second episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Pimp My Cake." As the episode begins, a low rider's club from New York comes into the bakery to see if Buddy can make a low-rider cake for their celebration. They will let Buddy choose the kind of car he wants to emulate. So he will be at the drawing board for this monumental feat.

Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

An event planner comes in and wants Buddy to make a cake for a Roman themed party. Buddy asks if it is a toga party; however, the guy wants it to look like the Roman Coliseum. The man will be hosting the party as Marc Antony, and his co-host will be Cleopatra. So Buddy will make a tiered cake that uses the façade of the Coliseum.

For the low-rider cake, they have Danny sit on the base to see whether it will hold him, as they put on the hydraulics. Ralph is wary of the low-rider concept because he reminds viewers that a low-rider cake is made of CAKE!

As Buddy is trying to work, his back is killing him. His friend, a physical therapist recommended that he try yoga.

The sculpting is coming along as the Roman gladiators, women and even a lion is gracing the cake. As the toga-wearing group of Buddy, Ashley, Anthony and Ralph deliver the cake, they had a great time, and the party was a huge success.

As Maurizio and Ralph are working on the low-rider cake, they test it out for weight with Ashley and the guys on the base.

At the yoga studio, Buddy has assembled the entire gang with him, and his back is starting to feel better. As for the rest of the group, the jury is still out.

As they deliver the low-rider cake, the gang is there to show it off. It bounced like the other cars, and it was the highlight of the entire celebration on this episode of "Cake Boss"

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