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'Cake Boss' makes a cake that is 'Down the Drain' on TLC

Tonight's episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Down the Drain." As the episode begins, Buddy gathers his crew together to see how they like it; no reply! A week earlier, a woman named Christina came in because she was planning a surprise party for her boyfriend’s birthday. He is turning 41, from Dublin, Ireland, and he loves to eat; and he will eat anything! She called him a human garbage disposal and wanted Buddy to make a cake that would pay tribute to his unusual appetite. Buddy suggested putting a garbage disposal inside the cake, so it would grind up stuff at the party. She even said he could drink it if it was mixed with beer. That was the point where Buddy knew they crossed the line. Oh, by the way, he hates surprises!

Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

A couple named Michelle and Matt came in to order their wedding cake. They own a towing garage and wanted a tow truck wedding cake. Buddy believes that the tow truck should be the groom’s cake, and they suggested to have the tow truck cake, tow the wedding cake.

As Ralph read the directions regarding the garbage disposal, he and Mauro tried it out and did not like the results. Actually, nobody in the bakery likes the idea. So Buddy disposed of the disposal and used a sausage grinder instead, which worked better, but it was still gross. They colored the layers in orange, white and green for the Irish flag.

Mauro and Mauricio worked on the tow truck cake and had a lot of work to do, to ensure the wedding cake would not fall.

To add to the disgusting cake theme, Buddy got some things that he felt were gross and wanted to see if his crew would eat any of them. Tripe, pig’s feet, quail eggs. Suddenly, it turned into a gambling den as people offered each other money to eat certain stuff. Mauro was eating just about everything, and nobody even paid him.

As the crew found a looking in the mixer, they found biscotti dough that nobody said felt right. Anthony said it was fine, but all disagreed. Buddy related that he wanted to make Anthony in charge of the baking room someday, but if he lets something slide, that is not right; he is not doing his job properly.

As the tow truck was coming along looking mean with flames on the front, the wedding cake was elegant. The winch worked, and the truck towed the cake as all the guests watched with delight.

The garbage disposal cake was delivered to an Irish pub for the surprise. As everyone waited to see this cake with all the junk food adorning it, Stevie walked in and saw the cake he was in shock. Then Buddy put chocolate, potato chips and more junk food in, ground it up and mixed it with beer, and Stevie took a drink as everyone celebrated his birthday on this episode of "Cake Boss."

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