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'Cake Boss' finds a 'Sicilian Samurai' and newly elected mayor on TLC

Tonight's episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Sicilian Samurai." As the episode begins, Buddy and the crew are at New York Budokai, a martial arts samurai school. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary and want a cake in honor of their tradition. Buddy thinks one displaying the armor of the samurai will be great, and the sensei agrees.

The Cake Boss Family
Photo by John W. Ferguson

As soon as they return to the bakery, they get started constructing the cake. Buddy gets a visit from Carmen and Arthur Fulop, the parents of the new Jersey City Mayor, Steve Fulop. They would like a cake to celebrate his inauguration. The inauguration will be old-school, and they would like a red, white and blue cake in celebration of the American dream. Buddy and Mauricio work on the design, and Buddy wants it to shoot confetti without the cake exploding. When they test it, Mauro feels that it is too loud, but it is a canon.

In honor of the Japanese tradition and the cake they are making, Buddy decides to have a friendly competition and do some sumo wrestling in the bakery. So Ashley agrees and Jessica and her go at it in the big costumes. Although sumo wrestling and samurai have nothing to do with each other, Buddy and the crew enjoyed the fun diversion.

As Ralph works on the design, the samurai cake is starting to look amazing. The details these bakers put into their designs are true works of art, and it must be painful to cut these cakes. When they bring the cake to the celebration, the guests are shocked to see this authentic samurai come to the party.

At the inauguration, the cake was the hit of the celebration, when the confetti shot out, everyone was surprised, including new Mayor Steve Fulop. His parents loved it and were bursting with pride on this episode of "Cake Boss."

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