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'Cake Boss' experiences a 'Fiery Competition' on TLC

Tonight's episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Fiery Competition." As the episode begins, Grace announces that her hubby, Joe, also the head baker, was promoted to lieutenant at the Harrison Fire Department. Now they are planning a big party with a cake fitting the wonderful promotion.

Cake Boss guys Mauro, Joe, Buddy and Remy
Photo by Mike Stobe

Buddy comes up with the idea of a cake that will light on fire, and put itself out. They have done fire department cakes in the past, but this one Buddy wants to be on steroids. They get busy making a building, and two fire trucks with ladders, lights and the whole nine yards. Moe and Ralph are busy trying to get the pump ready, and the details are being worked out.

Buddy met with a guy named Pat, who runs the Anthony Fasano Foundation. Anthony Fasano is an NFL Football player and a Jersey boy who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The foundation will be running a bocce bash to help veterans. Being Italian, Buddy loves bocce and his father-in-law has a court in his backyard. So Buddy is going to make a bocce cake that will be just perfect for the charity bash.

While the fire cake is being tested in the parking lot, and Buddy is full of confidence, but the rest of the gang is not so sure.

The bocce cake is great, with a red, green and white background for the Italians, and red, white and blue for the veterans. When they get to the event, Buddy’s father-in-law comes along to play. Anthony Fasano stated that the guys from the bakery should stick to baking, not bocce, as their team lost. But they redeemed themselves with the cake and had great big thanks from all involved.

The cake must pass Joe’s approval before his colleagues and friends see it, so he supervises the testing. When it met with his approval, he was sent away so they could put the finishing touches on the cake, like the lights, sirens and special effects.

At the party, held at a Hoboken landmark, Biggie’s Clam Bar, colleagues, friends and family were amazed at the cake that paid tribute to the courageous men and women who risk their lives each day. The cake did exactly as Buddy predicted, when the house went on fire, the truck’s hose extinguished it quickly and everyone had cake on this episode of "Cake Boss." Congratulations Joe!

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