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'Cake Boss' celebrates Cinco de Mayo on TLC

Tonight's first episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Aviva Cake Boss!" As the episode begins in Hoboken, Buddy is visited by the leader of a Mariachi band who wants a special cake for Cinco de Mayo and wants it delivered by Buddy dressed as a Mariachi. Their idea of what they want just does not sit right with Buddy. They wanted a stage with all the band members, but Buddy and Ralph put their heads together for a total Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Buddy Valastro The Bakery Boss with his heir to the throne
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

In the Ridgewood bakery, Frankie’s friends come into the shop. They own Moxie Salon, the shop where he gets his hair cut and are twins, Jenn & Jamie and their business is also in Ridgewood. They are having a grand opening event, but Buddy asks for their opinion on his look. They immediately tell him that he needs his hair restyled, his eyebrows trimmed and remove the gray around his sideburns. Buddy would rather give his wife and sisters a day at the salon, not him.

As the Cinco de Mayo cake was coming together, Grace wanted to help Buddy and Mauro with the singing of “La Bamba,” but Grace cannot sing. As the figures are coming together for the cake, they start working on the salon cakes.

The women arrive for their makeovers and are really going all out. When Maddie is asked why her hair is short, she tells the sisters that her hubby likes it that way. The women advise them never to listen to a man. Lisa admits that she knows Buddy secretly wishes she was a redhead, so goes for it.

As the Moxie Salon cake is being delivered, the women are waiting for the arrival of the cake. When Buddy, Mauro and Danny come in with the cake, They have not seen the women yet. As each one paraded in, the always curly hair was now straight, the short hair on Maddie was now long, and Buddy’s Lisa was a redhead. He was delighted with the results on this episode of "Cake Boss."

As the Cinco de Mayo cake is just about completed, they donned their outfits and delivered it. When the band and the guests saw the cake, they were delighted. It was more than they expected and it was una delicia Mexicana! Gracias, Buddy!

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