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'Cake Boss' bakes for 'Biceps and Birthdays' on TLC

Tonight's episode of "Cake Boss" was titled "Biceps and Birthdays." As the episode begins, a family of arm wrestling champions visit the bakery and get to prove their prowess among the bakers. They need a cake for a special tournament. So Buddy decides he wants to have the two arms locked together that rise as the tournament goes on.

Buddy Valastro with his mother and sisters
Photo by John W. Ferguson

Mauro is at the bakery with his three kids; Mary, Buddy and Dominique. Madeline’s birthday is coming this week, and he will make a cake, but he wants the three kids to make dinner. Madeline works five days a week in the bakery and takes care of the four of them and the house. So she truly deserves a great birthday. They decide to have the party at the bakery, because it means so much to her. So Mauro gets to work creating a special cake just for her.

The cake for Madeline’s birthday was black and white; her favorite colors and Mauro made it to look like a gift box with a piece of jewelry inside. The kids were busy making the special dinner, now they just had to bring it from Lackawanna to the bakery in Hoboken. They pulled off the surprise like pros. Madeline was thrilled, and the kids were dressed in black as the servers. Mauro even made a trail of rose petals from the bakery to the room where they had their meal.

While the design team is creating the arm-wrestling cake, things are not going as planned. The turntable was not the proper size for the hole and tweaking was needed. Finally, the cake is completed, but questions arise. As the arm-wrestling cake was about to be delivered, Mauro asked Mauricio a question; was the lift screwed to the bottom board? When he answered in the negative, Mauro said that if anything went wrong; he wanted nothing to do with it.

As the arm-wrestling championship was going on, the delivery truck arrived. The cake was askew and Buddy had to think quickly to remedy the situation. Luckily, they could repair it so nobody knew. When they presented the cake and the arms lifted up, with lights and smoke, it was an awesome spectacle on this episode of "Cake Boss."

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