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Cajun creole in downtown Indy


   Photography:  Amanda Krentz,

 The south rises again right here in downtown Indianapolis with the Cajun flavor sensation, YATS. The restaurant, which has multiple locations in Indiana as well as a location in Chicago, brings the spice of New Orleans Cajun Creole right to the center of the Midwest.

Walking up Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis offers a variety of sights and stops, novelty shops and cafes. Venture far enough up this nostalgic little boulevard and you will find a real diamond in the rough, YATS. The name is simple enough but the flavors and cuisine offered inside are captivating. The interior has a cozy, artsy flare with a dining room consisting of painted wooden tables and banquet-style chairs. No fine dining here folks; its paper plates and plastic forks and Dixie would have it no other way!

The staff is friendly and greets you as you walk through the door. Food orders are taken and prepaid for at a counter near the entry of the restaurant. The menu is relatively small and changes on a regular basis. YATS often features special dishes you can’t order everyday such as Jambalaya.

If you are looking for a real bang for your buck, YATS will do the trick. The portions are large and the prices are cheap, running you $5.50 a dish and served with an order of bread. This place blends personality with practicality very well and the flavors you get for the price you pay is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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