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Caitlin Ashley Thompson to star in 'Scab Girl Asylum'

Australia's Caitlin Ashley Thompson
CTA 2014

An interview with popular Australian actress Caitlin Ashley Thompson about her upcoming film 'Scab Girl Asylum' directed and produced by Matt Norman.

Hi Caitlin, it sounds like since we last spoke things have been going amazing for you. You have just landed a role in the highly anticipated movie Scab Girl Asylum set to start filming in 2015. How did this come about?

I was introduced to Matt Norman by The Actors Mentor Coppelia Tingley, Matt looked over my showreel and offered me a supporting role.

Tell us about your character Emma, and how you plan to prepare to really get into this character

Emma is a young woman trapped in an institute for the criminally insane who undergoes severe and unrelenting torture by both patients and hospital staff. To prepare for such a challenging role requires a great deal of research so I can truly give justice to telling her story and make it real

How excited are you about working with producer/director Matt Norman?

I have heard wonderful things about Matt and can't wait to work with him, he’s a true humanitarian who is excellent at telling stories of injustice in society

This movie is based on the true story of Sue Treweek, a young 13 year old who was institutionalized in an adult mental asylum back in the 1980’s in Queensland. What are your thoughts about being part of such a horrifying experience of Australian history?

The story of Sue Treweek is truly horrific, I believe the story definitely needs the exposure to make Australians aware of some of the injustice doled out by the Australian government.

This movie will be shooting in Queensland, Australia which is fast becoming one of the world's most popular filming destinations. What are you looking forward to about this experience?

I have been lucky enough to visit Queensland in the past and just love it. I really just can’t wait I think the whole experience is going to be amazing, I'll be working with a great cast and crew, what more could I ask for?

What would you like for audiences to take away with them after seeing your character Emma in Scab Girl Asylum?

I believe the audience will be totally shocked at the torture Emma suffered and the injustice which has never been righted.

Are you excited that the Australian Film Industry is getting more and more recognition around the world for having some of the most quirky, yet interesting films?

Yes its fantastic, exciting times and there is so much talent yet to be discovered in Australia

What are your plans for the rest of this year? What other projects do you have coming up?

I have 4 new projects in the pipeline, very exciting!

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