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Cain Park Art Festival 2014: Joy

Another year, another summer, and another Cain Park Art Festival......I once again had the opportunity to experience this festival. It is known throughout the US, from what I hear. It is also not far from where I live. It would be kind of strange if I did not take the opportunity and go.:)

I wish I could have some photographs to accompany this article. Many of the artists, however, ask that you do not take photographs of their work. That is understandable. The artists worked extremely hard on their paintings, jewelry, photographs, and other works. They are probably very protective of them and want to make sure that someone does not use the photographs to copy and steal their works. I believe that another reason is truthfully, there is no way that a photograph could capture the beauty and depth of these works. You would have to see them up, close, and personal to fully appreciate and understand them. Nature scenes, forest scenes, pictures of everyday people created in all methods and modes of art imaginable. Items of jewelry created in ways that I and probably others would not have thought about doing. Amazing black-and-white and colorful photographs. I would be protective of these items too if I was their mother / creator.

So much to see, so little time to see it. The Cain Park Art Festival is over once again for another year. If you have never gone, Cleveland Heights or Cleveland, you need to go no matter where you live in Northeast Ohio. Also, encourage your out-of-city and out of state friends to come too. Admission is free on Friday and only $5 for Ages 13 and Up on Saturday and Sunday. If the art does not get you there ( although it should), the low price definitely should.

****We as the City of Cleveland Heights are currently going through some tough times. We recently lost Mr. Brennan, owner of Brennan's Colony, due to a terrible and senseless crime. It would be very easy not to do anything. No more restaurants should be opened or run in Cleveland Heights due to fear and rage over what happened. No more libraries providing us with books and education. No more Cain Park Art Festival. Maybe something bad will happen again. This fear and apprehension is very understandable. In some ways, it does help to keep us safer and to help our police and other people in our community come together and take action to try to prevent something horrific like this from happening again. However, that fear can also be terrible and senseless in its own right.

The Cain Park Arts Festival was held as it always is in Cleveland Heights. This has not changed, and it should not change. I thought of one word to sum up the festival this year. That word is joy. Sadly, four men were successful in taking a great man and a great business owner away from us. However, they did not cripple or destroy us. We are bouncing back and will continue to do so. As my Grandma always used to say: "Do not let anyone steal your joy!" There will be times when things are tough and downright terrible. However, keep your joy as best as you can...always!

I will plan on attending The Cain Park Art Festival again next year. Same time, same place, same joy.....

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