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Cain: ‘Cancer centers opt out of ACA, including the one that saved my life’

Cain: ‘Cancer centers opt out of ACA, including the one that saved my life’
Cain: ‘Cancer centers opt out of ACA, including the one that saved my life’
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, revealed on Monday in an email alert that the cancer center that saved his life has opted out of taking Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) insured patients.

In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated at the M.D. Anderson in Houston, one of many centers that are now opting-out of accepting Obamacare-insured patients and Cain said that what is happening has hit him hard in a personal way.

“That hit home in a very personal way, because it made me realize something. If Obamacare had been in place in 2006, I would now be dead, “said Cain. “Let’s see if Harry Reid or Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post want to try to call me a liar for this.”

“Eight years ago this month, I was diagnosed with cancer. The first opinion I received was not encouraging…not at all… so I sought a second opinion, from a Savannah-based physician named Dr. Lord. He believed I could beat the cancer, and at his direction, I sought treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston,” Cain said.

“Today, I am cancer-free. But, now let’s say I had been relying on an Obamacare insurance policy, which would mandate that all my treatment take place within its own network,” said Cain. “In that case, despite Dr. Lord's recommendation, I would not have had the freedom to go to M.D. Anderson. And if that had happened, my friends, I would now be dead.”

“Before Democrats messed with the market by passing Obamacare, these cancer centers had no problem accepting the majority of insurance. Now they want no part of it. What's the variable? Obamacare. What caused the problem? It’s Obamacare.”

Cain continued and said, “You will recall that one of the Democrats’ major selling points for Obamacare was that it would prevent people from going bankrupt because of a medical condition. Let’s leave aside for now the question of whether it really does that, since the proposition assumes they would be saved from bankruptcy by virtue of health insurance being made more affordable, which – sorry, Nancy – the “Affordable” Care Act does not do.”

“But let’s leave that aside for the moment. Even if it were true, avoiding bankruptcy doesn’t do you a damn bit of good if the thing that saves you from bankruptcy also kills you… and Obamacare would have killed me.”

The Paulding County Republican Examiner has been reporting in the past few months of cancer patients losing their health insurance due to Obamacare, including a young child.

In addition, a dire report was released earlier this month that that warns that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will not allow consumers to spend what they choose on their own health care, including access to life-saving treatments.

Cain furthered said, “Since we first posted this item on Monday, I have already noticed some commenters trying to disprove my point. They say there is no such thing as Obamacare insurance, but rather private insurance that has to meet Obamacare standards.”

“That is true but it is irrelevant. In order to overcome the problems inherent in Obamacare, the Obamacare-qualified insurers severely restrict their networks, and many providers do not want to be in these networks because of the restrictions contained therein. Many cancer centers are already making this choice - to opt out - and M.D. Anderson is one of them. You can say that's their decision and not the fault of the law, but to say that would ignore the fact that the law's perversion of incentives in health insurance is what is making the opt-out a rational decision.”

“I’m sure the liberal media “fact checkers” will argue that I might have found a similar second opinion in network… or maybe they will try to blame the cancer centers for not taking Obamacare patients. But if “fact checkers” dealt strictly in facts as they want people to think they do, they would have to acknowledge this: Pre-Obamacare insurance gave me the option of going to M.D. Anderson. Obamacare insurance would take that option away,” said Cain.

“These are real facts, not the sort of editorializing disguised as “fact checking” that we usually get from the “fact checkers.”

“Obamacare is going to kill people and we probably will not be able to identify everyone Obamacare kills because there will be no way to know who would have been saved by a second opinion that was not made available, “Cain said.

“But while I pray this does not happen to anyone, there is every reason to think my situation will happen to many other people.”

Cain alluded to the fact that it is important to win in the 2014 mid-terms… in spite of all these problems, Democrats refuse even admit, let alone address these problems.

“They keep trying to sell us Obamacare as the good-time rock-and-roll solution to everything that has ever been wrong with health care. Control of Congress would finally put us in a position to solve some of these problems, and we simply have to do it,” Cain said.

“People’s lives are literally at stake.”

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