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Caffeine intake has a direct correlation in breast sizes for women

Photo credit: Livestrong
Photo credit: Livestrong
Photo credit: Livestrong

According to a study published in 2008 in the British Journal of Cancer, caffeine intake has a direct influence with women’s breast sizes - to be precise, the more coffee you drink, the smaller your breast size. In this study, a group of Swedish doctors studied the relationship between caffeine and breast size in 269 women with a high risk of cancer, of which they arrived to this scientifically-proven theory.

Although caffeine intake decreases breast sizes, it also lowers women’s risk for breast cancer. Apparently the compounds found in coffee can influence hormone activity, which have enough power to block estrogen receptors in breasts. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for breast tissue growth and development, therefore when a weak estrogen connects with the estrogen receptor, it leads to less breast size changes.

Therefore, the compounds found in coffee play a significant role in stopping significant breast size changes, resulting in smaller breasts among women who drink at least three cups of coffee per day. While some women are naturally born with large breast sizes, this actually increases their chances of having breast cancer in the future, as breast tissue density is known to be a breast cancer risk factor.

In conclusion, coffee may decrease women’s breast sizes, but the upside to this phenomenon is that it also lowers women’s risk of having breast cancer in the future. With the increased exposure of chemicals present in modern society, this takes a significant toll on people’s health and their chances of contracting a lethal disease. Health is the most important factor in life, therefore women should continue drinking coffee at a moderate amount.