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Caffeine and gold combo could be cure for cancer

Scientists have made a breakthrough in cancer research
Scientists have made a breakthrough in cancer research
Jonathan Wood, Getty Images

Americans are very familiar with caffeine. It’s used all too often to get people through an especially rough day or give an energy boost when tired, but according to a March 1 report by Medical News Today, caffeine could also be a cure for cancer.

Before readers start adding a cure for cancer to the list of excuses for drinking a super-sized soft drink or two each day, however, it’s important to note that the straight caffeine found in soda isn’t what researchers have in mind. The harmful effects of soda and large amounts of caffeine don’t justify drinking caffeinated beverages in hopes of fighting cancer. Rather, scientists have discovered that combining specific, small amounts of caffeine with gold could be the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for.

Caffeine and gold–yes, gold–may seem a strange combination, but scientists had already found each to be somewhat helpful on their own. The problem lay in that for each positive response, there were equal or greater negative impacts. However, when caffeine and gold were combined in the right quantities, it was found that the combination could kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

This could be an important step in the fight to cure cancer. For more information, go to Medical News Today.

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