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Cafeteria at John C. Lincoln Hospital

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The Cafeteria at John C. Lincoln Hospital has undergone some script changes including management, and menu items. As it has been, the food has been understandably common and the food choices among some of the ordinary and run of the mill. The director of food services is an addition and he has put some spunk and not only that, some real flavors into the main menu items. He is incorporating foods of different ethnic backgrounds and American cultural favorites with some classic flavors and tastes. Of course the cafeteria is open to the public and invites the local residents as well as the patients and patient visitors. John C. Lincoln's hospitals, medical practices, health and human service programs and other services that comprise the Health Network had humble beginnings almost a century ago in the desert north of then Phoenix city limits. In those days, people couldn't legally live in the city if they didn't have a house(see John C. Lincoln Website/History)

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The invitation has been extended to one and all to head on over to the cafeteria at John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix and enjoy some lunch if you are in the area. Enjoy the photo slide show.