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Cafe con Leche Republicans endorse Lingerfelt for Dallas County Treasurer

Charles Lingerfelt
Charles Lingerfelt
Charles Lingerfelt

The Cafe con Leche Republicans, an independent GOP group dedicated to outreach to minorities, recently issued an endorsement of Charles Lingerfelt, who is running for Dallas County (TX) Treasurer. The text of their endorsement follows.

The Cafe con Leche Republicans is proud to announce their endorsement of Charles Lingerfelt for Dallas County Treasurer. Even though Mr. Lingerfelt is unopposed in the primary, we feel it is important to bring attention to his efforts to serve all the residents of Dallas County, regardless of political party or socio-economic position. We encourage the voters of Dallas County to support Lingerfelt, who we believe will bring competency and responsibility to the office.

Mr. Lingerfelt is a distinguished businessman, and we have no doubt he will bring that expertise to the office of Dallas County Treasurer. He will fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities the office requires, and protect the interests of the county employees under his charge.

We are most impressed with Mr. Lingerfelt’s efforts to reach out to the minority communities of Dallas. Going outside the “comfort zone” is something he has done his entire life. Whether it was counseling at-risk youth or working with African-American pastors in South Dallas, Lingerfelt knows it takes more than words to win hearts; it takes action. Over the past decade, he has worked with civic leaders in the Kurdish region of Iraq, establishing a school and teaching the Kurds the importance of Western Democracy. It is the sort of leadership we need in Dallas County.

As a leader of Tea Party in north Texas, Lingerfelt’s commitment to conservative values is unparalleled. He founded the North Texas Freedom Rally, and he is an outspoken advocate for our men and women in the military. We hope the voters of Dallas County will support a true civic leader and vote for Charles Lingerfelt for Dallas County Treasurer.

Charles Lingerfelt's Campaign Facebook page can be found here.

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