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Café Fresco - fresh coffee?

Café Fresco, literally translated means fresh coffee, but the name does this Asian American infused restaurant in Harrisburg no justice.  It has much more to offer than caffeinated beverages.  At two prime locations, there are several fresh, healthy menu items to choose from. With lunch and dinner menus consisting of unique salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and wraps, there is no reason a healthy eater could not take part in a neat metro dining experience like this one.

Thanks to Chef Travis Mumma, they make available delectable dinner entrées of the finest meat cuts and seafood selections along side mouth-watering vegetable sides that are difficult to find in the Harrisburg area.  He's very creative in his seasonings as well.  An array of different flavor combinations make his sauces unique and sought after by many patrons of his work. 

Reviewing the menu, I stumbled across lots of acceptable choices that are diet friendly and seemingly nutritious.  On the lunch menu, if you're gunning for a sandwich, stick with lean proteins like chicken and turkey, ideally, sans mayo or creamy sauce.  Mustard and vinegar based sauces are your safest bet if you're watching your caloric intake.  Depending on the sandwich, cheese can come into play as a calorie booster as well.  These type of restaurants are most likely going to be accommodating to customizing your meal, too.  Ask for sauce on the side to keep your portions undercontrol. 

Now for the meal.  Start with a round of Chicken Dumplings, steamed and served with sesame-soy dipping sauce or some Edamame Pods, which are soybeans cookied and sea salted.  As far as entrees, you can rarely go wrong with seafood.  Among these, you've got Honey-Miso Sea Scallops, "lemongrass skewered, asian black rice risotto, thai mango coconut curry, toasted almond" for $27 and the Teriyaki Grilled Salmon, "asian black rice risotto, lime honey lotus relish" for $21.  In the mood for salad?  Try the Mango Summer Salad with field greens, sliced mango, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, crumbled feta, raspberry-sudachi vinaigrette or the Fresco Chop Salad with avacado, tomato, cucumbers, egg, red onion, white mushrooms, honey-white balsamic vinaigrette, which come in half or whole sizes.

For more information:

Cafe Fresco

Scottsdale Plaza, 3352 Paxton Street, 717.564.6000

Restaurant Row, 215 North 2nd Street, 717.236.2599


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