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Café de Paris offers classy cuisine in Old Town Louisville

Counter at Cafe de paris
Counter at Cafe de paris
Kim Dysinger

Café de Paris is a coffee/eatery joint tucked into the first business block on the north end of Louisville. Brunch implies leisure and lingering and the elements there are conducive--quaint, cozy and comfortable. Then there is the food and drink. As the name implies, coffee in its current mainstay varieties is offered: freshly brewed by the cup (French pressed—very appropriate), latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc., and it’s the good kind.

A father and his two sons, based out of Denver, purchase beans from small farmers around the world, then use a medium roast so there’s never a charred, bitter flavor. In addition, you may opt for steamed milk with any flavor imaginable (called Steamers, if you didn’t know), organic, herbal and black teas, hot chocolate and some exotic options, as well, like a Florentine (half coffee, half hot chocolate). They also offer cold drinks including more than a dozen smoothie combinations, Italian sodas, and organic juices.

For eats the choices are just as varied and interesting. In keeping with the French theme, you might enjoy a crepe or a slice of excellent quiche. The food is prepared fresh with an emphasis on locally grown, organic ingredients whenever possible. There are salads with dressings made from scratch, Moroccan pancakes, bagels with names like Damascus, Casablanca, Tangiers, and Alexandria, panninis, a Seville Burrito made fresh on the spot, as well as traditional baked goods. As owner Bryn, herself a sweet, down-to-earth woman explains, and as the by-line on the business card iterates, the idea behind Café de Paris is “a local bistro with an international flavor.” Nicely achieved.

For those of us who want to support sustainability wherever we can, there is the added bonus of Café de Paris’s emphasis on recycling. You can drink out of a real cup (also just a superior taste experience) or use a compost-able cup. There is real silverware and plates if you eat in.

Café de Paris wants to create community along with delicious comestibles. Local artwork is displayed, for sale, on the walls. There is a rack for residents to advertise their services and Bryn is even willing to post flyers for folks in the window. There is a little collection of books and magazines if you’d like to read something as you sip and chew, that is if you’re not on your laptop. Tasteful music plays at a reasonable level; the lighting is soft and homey. If you’d like to do something before or after the café, Louisville is a pleasant town to meander through, or you might enjoy the open-air skating rink just a block away: all in all, a wonderful brunch, lunch, or dinner venue just a few miles outside Boulder.

Café de Paris
908 Main Street
Louisville, CO 80027
M-Saturday, 9-10
Sunday, 10-3


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