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Café 77 in Noble Oklahoma gives waste a second life

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Sometimes destiny puts people together, because jointly they can change the world. Destiny happened in Noble, Oklahoma between Robin Stead, owner of Café 77 in Noble, OK and Jennifer Bloodworth of JS Farms in Purcell, OK. Robin loves her customers. She found a way to show that love, when she partnered with JS farms.

At the end of the workday, at Café 77, Robin watched the scraps from her Made-From- Scratch meals being scraped into the trash.

One of the reasons Robin wanted to open Café 77 was to bring real food from local producers to her customers. Robin has managed the Noble Farmers Market for eight years. She transformed the Market to “Oklahoma Grown” after the first year. She loves fresh eggs, home-grown vegetables, and fruit ripe off the vine. Sharing food with your neighbors reminds her of the times on her Grandparents farm in Oregon when one of Robin’s chores was to gather the eggs. She remembered the flavor of the scrambled eggs her grandmother fixed. She reminisced how they tasted like a bite of heaven.

Jennifer Bloodworth of JS Farms, a new vendor at the Noble Farmers Market called Robin a few weeks ago and said “I have a strange question for you. What do you do with your food scraps?” JS Farms and Café 77 struck a partnership to exchange food scraps for fresh, free-range eggs. The food scraps from Café 77, provide quality, Made-From-Scratch, food for the hens of JS Farms. This insures the hens produce quality eggs. This is a simple example of Bio-Recycling. Bio-Recycling is using nature to make resources from waste; giving waste a second life. The city of Noble also benefits, because bio-recycling reduces the amount of rotting trash in the City’s landfill.

Bio-recycling is a practice rapidly spreading and being used by cities around the world, to reduce the cost of waste disposal. Café 77, and JS farms have made Noble, Oklahoma, one of the environmentally, and health-oriented cities to do their part in protecting the earth, and the people that live on it.

Robin expressed frustration that excessive costs and regulations make it harder to use local products grown or produced near her Café than food transported from other states or countries. She has a passion as a restaurant owner to someday be able to support the local farmer. Robin did not want to be all talk and no action, so along with JS Farms they have put bio-recycling to practical use.

Until laws are changed regarding animal handling legislation specific to the egg industry, you can do something right now. You can buy your eggs from farmers who raise happy, healthy chickens the natural way, and you can eat at Café 77, in Noble, Oklahoma.

For facts about food waste in the U.S. go to

Bio-Recycling, and supporting businesses that practice it, is your chance to create a change for the better, in the world now, and the future. Mmm, a fresh egg over easy from Café 77, sure is sounding good, see you there.