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Caesar dressing

My favorite salad dressing is caesar. From experimenting with many different brands I’ve come to the conclusion that I like anchovy paste in my caesar, and it must be peppery. This is probably why my favorite store-bought brand is Cardini’s. I think it’s unusually peppery in comparison to other brands. Girard’s is decent, as is Marie’s (found in the cold lettuce section only). I wouldn’t throw away a bottle of Ken’s Steakhouse or Newman’s Own caesar, but that’s about it for me. I’d rather eat my lettuce dry than eat Kraft or Wishbone Caesar.

The first time I made my own caesar dressing, I added way too much lemon. I used my juicer to juice a large organic lemon, and I added about a teaspoon of zest as well. Keep in mind, all of these ingredients can be adjusted according to your own taste, but I prefer my caesar dressing with about 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. You can add more if you like.

2 oz anchovy paste (in the canned tuna section)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon crushed garlic
4 tablespoons mayo
1 teaspoon lemon juice (fresh is best)
Salt & pepper to taste
¼ cup parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon half & half (or milk)
¼ cup olive oil

Add all ingredients except olive oil into a food processor or blender. I use a food processor because more dressing is wasted in the bottom of a blender. Process well, then while blades are still spinning, drizzle olive oil in and continue to blend until done. My food processor has a pour spout in the top; I’m sure yours does, too.

This makes enough dressing for 1 head of romaine lettuce. I served this salad with salad shrimp and crab on top because my husband insists that a salad isn’t a meal unless it has meat. Enjoy!