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Cadillac Groove drives the blues into a new direction

Cadillac Groove
Cadillac Groove
Cadillac Groove

For many, Chicago is the blues capital of the world. Like everywhere else however, the popularity of the genre has had it’s up and downs, no more so than in the suburbs. Back in the day you could find legends like Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters plying their trade in Joliet and surrounding communities. Later it was “Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows” and “Deluxery” among a score of others. During the Blues boom of the mid nineties, units like “The Griff Band” and “The Bluz Boyz” gigged incessantly and through it all was T-Bird Huck. Today acts like “Big Dog Mercer” and the “Maxwell Mojo Blues Band” carries on the tradition in an environment that seems to be a bit more welcoming to blues artist than it was even ten years ago.
Once such new comer is Joliet based “Cadillac Groove”. The band feeds from a jambalaya of traditional blues, R&B and a dose of southern and classic rock and served up with what they call “an infectious pulse”. Working from a set list that includes such diverse artists as T-Bone Walker, Booker T & The MG’s and The Allman Brothers, this group of musicians not only truly enjoy the music they play, but love to entertain a crowd as well. As they like to put it, their objective is to “Get your heart bumpin’, your feet thumpin’ and your soul pumpin’.”
Formed just this past year, “Cadillac Groove” is manned by Scott Groleske singing lead and blowing the harp, Voodoo Jones sharing lead vocals and slinging guitar, James Digirolamo locked in on bass and Thom Dixon on vocals and hammering down the drums. Groleske and Dixon has had a long history of working together before adding bassist Digirolamo, but the addition of Voodoo Jones is an interesting story.
With the band about to debut at McBride’s Pub in Plainfield, the original guitarist backed out of the gig at the last minute and what could have been a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire instead swung completely in the other direction. Band spokesman Thom Dixon explains it like this…”I called Voodoo and amazingly he had the date open. Now the thing is this lineup had never played together before as a band. Time was short (so) I sent out the song list and said be ready to go…..AND MAN WERE WE READY TO GO!! We blew the doors off the place. McBride’s is always a rockin’ joint but this night was incredible. There was a vibe in the room you could physically feel. Folks (were) dancing everywhere, on the dance floor, by their tables, at the bar, everywhere. First song, Voodoo took a guitar solo, walked straight out into the crowd, driving a stake in the ground saying “the party starts right friggin’ NOW!” I knew then this was going to be one seriously smokin’ band.”
In just the relatively short amount of time they’ve been together, “Cadillac Groove” has not only drastically increased their fan base but also manage to stay busy and are consistently asked back to whatever venue they play.
Part of the reason for their success is that they truly love what they’re doing. It’s not hard to spot the bands that do it strictly for the money and phone it in while others, like “Cadillac Groove”, look at it in a different light. Like Thom Dixon puts it…”You do get to be part of something very few people get to experience. When you are playing a tune and you look around and everyone in the room is boppin’ to your beat, that’s a really cool connection. Most people have some really great memories in their life that are somehow related to music, a night out with friends or a beach party with the music cranked. Playing music you get to be a part of those memories. That’s why I play music and I hope that’s why others who are just starting out will too.”

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