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Cadillac dealers receive stop sale order: GM has no fix for switch issue

GM orders Cadillac dealers to stop selling recalled vehicles because there is no fix
GM orders Cadillac dealers to stop selling recalled vehicles because there is no fix

General Motors Co. has ordered Cadillac car dealers to quit selling some versions of their CTS model-range. The reason is because the Cadillac vehicles are among the massive GM recalls and these vehicles do not have a fix available, according to Yahoo! News on Saturday. The vehicles were recalled late last month due to an issue where engines can be shut off if the driver’s knee bumps the ignition key.

Though many of GM’s vehicles have had recalls and have not been fixed yet because parts are allegedly still not available after five months – such as parts needed for General Motors’ Chevrolet Cobalts – there is no fix for the Cadillac vehicles mentioned in the report. Detailed incidents that led up to the June 30, 2014 recall of the Cadillac vehicles included three occurrences when GM employees reportedly bumped the keys and the engines shut off. These occurrences which involved 2012 CTS vehicles were made public on Saturday by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Commission.

The stop sale order, as it is being referred to, was issued to Cadillac dealers who sell the 2003-2014 CTS and the 2004-2006 SRX on July 2, 2014. According to General Motors documents posted by the NHTSA, the stop sale order was updated on July 8. In the United States alone, the recall involved some 554,000 Cadillacs.

The General Motors stop sale order is still in effect for the foreseeable future, according to the firm’s spokesperson, Adam Adler. Adler asserts that GM is looking for a common solution for all of the recalled Cadillacs but he admits that they do not have the fix yet, according to Reuters.

General Motors has recalled approximately 14.7 million vehicles globally with ignition switch problems. At least 16 deaths have been linked to those ignition switch issues. The ignition switch problem has previously been reported to be related to heavy key rings or a vehicle’s jarring events such as hitting a pothole. Such instances have been known to knock the car out of its run position – thereby shutting off the engine which causes loss of power steering and failure of air bags to deploy in an impending crash. Again, persons who had their GM vehicles recalled as long ago as last mid-February are still waiting to hear that parts are in the dealership repair shop’s hands and available for the fix.