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Cadillac ATS on the Nurburgring's North Loop video

2012 Cadillac ATS
2012 Cadillac ATS
General Motors

The Cadillac engineering team has been undergoing testing with the 2012 ATS on the Nurburgring. The team has recently taken the car out on the Nordschleife, or North Loop. This tersting will help engineers fine tune the car's engine, brakes, suspension and much more.

“No other facility in the world is like this. You can accomplish more here in one lap around the ring than you can on dozens of tracks in the U.S.,” said Dave Mikels, energy and powertrain integration engineer. Mikels and his colleagues on the ATS team are Nürburgring-certified performance test drivers.

“There are places where you’re airborne, and then there are valleys where you’re in full compression. There are off-camber, on-camber turns. There’s no other place in the world where you can test for all of that, except here.”

The 2012 Cadillac ATS will be available with 270 horsepower 2.0L turbo four-cylinder and 3.6L V-6 engines. The ATS will also come with Cadillac's second generation ride control suspension.

Be sure to check out the video I've attached courtesy of General Motors.

Source: GM

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