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Cabo San Lucas and things to do

Snorkeling at Pelican Rock
Snorkeling at Pelican Rock
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Lying by the pool, order another cerveza, walking on the beach, order another cerveza, bellying up to the "all-you-can-eat," order another cerveza, sitting at the poolside bar, order another cerveza. By 10 AM, some visitors to Mexico's all-inclusive resorts may be looking for something else to do and snorkeling is something almost anyone can learn easily and enjoy thoroughly.

In Cabo San Lucas there are many outstanding places to snorkel where you are guaranteed to see fish and one such spot is Lover's Beach. This is located on the Arch at the mouth of the harbour and reached by water taxi from in front of the area hotels or the harbour itself. There is no other way to get there, other than by boat. The beach itself is relatively small but has soft, deep sand and is ideal for a picnic or catching a few rays. Just in front of the beach itself is the obviously named Pelican Rock and and at the foot of this, perhaps 20 feet off shore, is some excellent snorkeling. Crystal clear water and a large variety of species, all curious to look into your underwater camera or take a look at your new bathing suit make the experience easy and interesting. Snorkeling equipment can be rented from any number of vendors along the shore and using it is relatively simple even for first timers.

An underwater camera and a t-shirt to keep from burning your back and neck, maybe a towel to lie on while awaiting your next dive and that's it for equipment, unless of course you happen to pack a cerveza and a sandwich in your bag, since there are no food and beverage vendors on the beach. If you have never snorkeled before and wear glasses or contacts, you might consider visiting a proper dive shop before leaving home and investing in a pair of prescription goggles. You will need your prescription and the staff can usually change the lenses on site while you wait.

There is lots to do in the Cabo area but snorkeling, especially for the uninitiated is a pleasant way to get a little sun, exercise and see an amazing new world under the water. You can return to the "belly-bustin'-buffet" and replenish your energy and glass when you get back to the hotel.