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Cables with style: Cordinated

a 6-foot-long top notch cable wrapped in red and green yarn
a 6-foot-long top notch cable wrapped in red and green yarn

Music and design are inherently connected; a performance can be just as much about image as it can about sound. A musical instrument is often selected because of its aesthetics as well as the quality of its sound and feel. Artists choose the tools that speak to them aurally and visually. However, once that beautifully lacquered Les Paul or engagingly knob-filled Moog is plugged in, the resultant mass of boring black cables does nothing to increase visual appeal.

a 15-foot top notch cable wrapped in green and beige yarn.
image courtesy of Cordinated

That's where Cordinated steps in. From their West Loop studio, Juli and Dan handcraft beautiful, high-quality instrument cables perfect for both the studio and live performance. Dan, a musician and engineer, hand solders all of the cables, using quality cord stock and plugs. Musician/Designer Juli wraps each cable in brightly colored yarn.  The finished cable provides quality sound and visual appeal. Cordinated cables harken back to a vintage look while providing modern quality.

Aside from the ability to color-coordinate your instrument with its cables (they will create cords in any colors/length), having multicolored, tangle-free cords is an advantage to any musician.  Setting up quickly for a gig becomes easy for artists that use different types and lengths of cable.  In the studio, the dreaded search for which instrument is connected to which preamp, amp, mixing channel, etc. is alleviated. 

Cordinated cables currently come in two grades: Classic and Top Notch. Classic provides the standard sound quality one might expect from any store-bought cable, while the Top Notch cables are created from very high quality stock and use Neutrik X-Series 1/4" plugs. This way musicians can still pick up eye-catching, hand-wrapped cables without having to break the bank. For those looking for something special, custom orders are welcome.

Juli and Dan created Cordinated out of a mutual love for sound and design. As performing musicians with a home studio, they have created a product based specifically on their own needs, and luckily they are sharing that product with the rest of us. It is always a pleasure to support quality products that are made here in Chicago, especially when they are handmade by independent creators.

You can find Cordinated online at their Etsy or Supermarket shops.


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