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Cabinet of Curiosities


This fall The Museum of Outdoor Arts is featuring Cabinet of Curiosities, a show that they are calling a “whimsical exhibition”. The show highlights the work of 12 artists in a modern vintage style that was used to create creative expressions in furniture, cabinets, rooms, antique luggage, hand blown glass, and fashion armoires. The works refer back to the original Cabinets of Curiosities that dated from the 16th century and were often entire rooms full of artifacts. The most famous cabinets belonged to rulers and aristocrats and were the precursors to museums.

 cab • i • net of cu • ri • os • i • t • ies (kab-i-nit of kyoor-i-os-i-
teez) (pl. -ties) n. 1. cabinet of curiosities (also known as
wunderkammer, cabinets of wonder, or wonder rooms)
were encyclopedic collections of types of objects whose
categorical boundaries were yet to be defined.

MOA is striving to recreate the wonder and mystery of the original cabinets and the exhibition is sure to entertain historians, tinkerers, and art buffs alike. Another exhibit called Cabinet of Light and Sound will be featured alongside the main show. This “virtual cabinet" is created by light images from the past, present, and future including sacred geometry, Hubble imagery, and other intriguing forms.

The opening reception took place on Saturday, October 10th and the show will run through Friday, March 5th.

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