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Cabin fever: water logged

As more and more snow piles up outside here in Indy, it's important to remember how much pollution those beautiful flakes fall through. That is why we have water purification plants. Even though this water is safe for humans to drink, is it really a good idea to use it on your plants?

If you are new to gardening or new to the area, there is something about Indy that you need to know. It has very hard water. If you are like me and fresh off the farm from say North Carolina, you mistakenly gave tap water to your budding plants last spring. Needless to say, I quickly killed all my plants last year due to me not taking into account the affect the hard water would have on it.

Don't have hundreds of dollars to waste giving your plants purified water? Me either! That's why I decided to look up DIY water purifiers. All of what I found seem to be Dooms Day preppers and the water is purified to the point that human consumption is possible, but there is no reason why you can't use it for your plants! It's not a bad thing to know how to do whether it's for your plants or when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. The video attached is a very simple system but there are many videos out there that cover large scale production.

Another option is to buy a water softener. This scrubs the water and removes the hard chemicals before it enters your home. They cost about $400 but the good news is that your tap water will taste better and your scalp will stop itching so much.

Regardless of how you get your water, one thing is also very important. After you fill your watering can or bucket, let it sit. The temperature outside is the same temperature your water needs to be when you pour it over them. Last thing your plants want is an ice cold shower like you do when your done.

It is important that you look into your options because plain tap water may be why your plants didn't do so well last year. Some are cheap and easy while others are expense and hard, but ultimately one will work out best for you.

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